Thursday, June 7, 2012

Basic Idea Chpts 1-2 continued

        She can hear the fighting but she couldn't see it.  there was screaming and yelling.  Metal clashing against metal.  She came walking out of the woods to see what lies beyond.  She has never dreamed of places like this before.  She was scared.  She looked all around and all she can see is blood, bodies, and destruction.  As she turned around to get everything in,  she noticed a man in the middle of it.  He was on his knees with his head hanging low.
        She walked right up to him.  Since she was a healer she thought that he was in trouble.  Maybe he needed some help.  She walked slowly towards him not wanting to frighten him.  When she reached him she put her hand on his shoulder.
         He reacted to her touch as though she had burned him.  He stood so fast that she couldn't help but wonder how he didn't fall over.  Then she looked at him in the face.  The only thing she was able to focus on were his eyes.  They were gold with a darker amber color mixed in, and was rimmed in the purest of blacks.
       When she looked in his eyes she was immediately consumed by the feeling of pain.  It wasn't her pain.  It was coming from him.  Though she didn't think it was physical pain.  He was hurting inside.
       Without breaking eye contact from him she quietly asks, "Are you hurt?"
       He stares at her.  Who is she?  Why is she here?  He didn't understand.  This was his place.  This was were he always came to grieve.   The only place he was allowed able to.  He knew each and every scream, every body laying on the ground.  No one was living here.  He would know.  These were the lives that he took and each one has haunted him for lifetimes.
       As he looked at her and took her in, he knew she didn't belong here.  "Who are you?  You shouldn't be here."  he said to her more as a command.
       She was taken back by the sound of his voice.  It vibrated within her, turning something on that she didn't know was there.
       "I am a healer.  I do believe that it was you who called me to you."  she said.
        She was beauty in the middle of his mess.  She didn't belong.  She needed to leave before someone else found her.
        I did not call you.  I have no need for you.  You need to go back to where you came from.  You don't belong here."  he said.
        "Well I'm sorry, but you did call for me or else I would be here.  And I don't know how I got here, where ever here is.  Who are you?"  She looked at him up and down making a challenge.  She was not going to be bossed around by anyone no matter where she was.
       He stared at her.  He couldn't believe what he was hearing.  No one talked to him that way.  He took a closer look at her.
       Her eyes were big and bright.  They were blue.  the color of a new day first thing in the morning.  The lashes were thick and long making her eyes look bigger.  She had high cheek bones.  he wondered what her smile looked like.  He thought that she might have dimples.  Her lips big and plump.  As he looked at her lips he could picture himself grabbing her and kissing her until he put color in her cheeks.
       "You don't fit in here.  You are not welcome here>"  he said.  Then he turned his back to her.
       She knew men like this.  They thought that their word was law.  Women to them were just that,  women.  He was probably a warrior who did nothing but take and kill.  Well he brought her here.  She was not going to let him dismiss her that easily.
         She stood directly in front of him with her hands on her hips.  "Listen to me.  Whether you wanted to or not you brought me here.  I can't go back until I know what you need.  Now I know you are in pain so tell me.  Where are you hurt."  She demanded.
         "I can assure you I am fine.  I don't need any healing."  he said.
         "Well you are covered in blood.  Let me look you over myself."
          "This blood doesn't belong to me."  He said turning away from her.
         She could see guilt and remorse etched in his face.  "Then where did it come from?"  she asked.
          He looked out across the land.  She followed his gaze.  All she could see were men, women, and children.  She turned her gaze back to him.  He was staring down at his hands.
        She knelt in front of him.  She took his bloody hands into hers.  She waited until he looked at her.  "I can see now.  You don't have to tell me."  She took one hand and touched the side of his face.  She looked deep into his eyes.  Then she gave him her best smile and said "I'm here whenever you call for me."
        He looked back at her and in that moment he thought she was an angel.  Then just when he was going to ask for her name, she started to fade away.  Then the wind came  and swept her away.  In the passing he could hear her saying something.  He didn't move an inch hoping he could make it out.  Then he heard it again.
          "I'm waiting for only you."

Friday, May 25, 2012

Basic Idea

            I guess i should have let you know that my last entry was the prolouge and chapters 1 and 2.  Im sorry im stiil getting a hang of this.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Basic Idea

I wanna open the book with a fighting/war scene.  The male character will be a leader in an army of berserkers.  He has been fighting his whole life and he is the best.  He is merciless.  He has no close friends, because he doesn't trust anyone and no one wants to risk themselves by getting killed.  He is fighting in a campaign.  Running through each village as he passes them.
     The woman is a witch and a healer. Her family is searching for a man for her to marry.  She has become of age and is ready to start her own family.  She is an odd witch.  She tends to stay on her own.  Whenever she is at home she feels as though she is suffocating with pressure to be married.  She would love to be married and start having children, she knows it as a part of her path.  She just hasn't said yes to any of the proposals.  Everyone was to concerned with gaining magic, riches, and loyalties.  That is not how she wanted to live. She had power.  She didn't need nor did she want riches, and loyalty these days could be stretched pretty thin.
       She casts a spell one night after spending some time with another suitor.  Not only did he want fame and fortune, but he was vain as well.  All he could talk about was himself, and how good looking he was.  He had pushed her limits when he had said  "You should feel lucky that I am here.  I have many other women who are interested in me.  Though I had to see you.  To see if you were as cold as they say.  I thought that i could come here and try to warm you up". 
           That was it.  She had told her family that she was to be left alone and that she would not see any other suitors.  So that night when the moon was up she cast a spell on herself.
          She had cast a spell so that she might be able to recognized her companion when she sees him.  To even know that he was out there.  She goes to her cottage and falls asleep with a bit of a broken heart.
           Every night the army makes camp he erects his tent.  Most nights now he just finds a tree with good covering and lies there.  He gets himself some food and has a couple of drinks, then he hits the mat.  Whenever he sleeps he always dreams of his victims.  Though this dream was different.  Inside of himself he can feel a change.  He no longer thrives in the killing.  When going to war he finds himself praying that the enemy doesn't show up.  Just so he doesn't have to kill anyone.  In his dreams he can see each face.  Each man, woman, and child that has fallen beneath his blade or because of his command.

A Basic Idea

I have no idea what i am doing, but a friend suggested this to me (Justin).  So, i am going to be writing of course,  like a lot of other people.  I hope some of you will enjoy.  If not I apologize.  It can't be right for everyone.  The story I am going to be writing is an adult fantasy.  I don't have anything likes names or places yet.  I am doing a lot of research.  It will be literally a basic idea for now.  My first rough draft if that helps.  I am always looking for critisicm good or bad so feel free to say what you like as I write.  Thank you.    Leah Renee